Vyhedra Studios

Crafting New Realities

What We Are Working On

Currently, here at Vyhedra Studios, we are hard at work on the next great Action Role Playing Game made from concept to completion for Virtual Reality. We see great potential to create engaging and exciting experiences that provide a much more immersive adventure into a world than established creative mediums. We present to you Ash and Steel. A world we have spent nearly two years trying to craft and bring to life in the hopes that it can be the next great step in VR gaming. We plan to launch Q3-Q4 in 2019, with as much of a complete game experience as we can. To keep up with the development of the game follow us on social media and visit our website for Ash and Steel.

Interested In Joining?

We are looking for indviduals passionate about Virtual Reality. We want to create the best experiences possible and to do that we need talented people like you. If you are a programmer, 3d artist, or sound designer please contact us at Applications@Vyhedra.com.